How long THIS time–once more with feeling

I have HAD it.

The HOA is still refusing to remove the tree on their jogging path (which I use at least 3 times a week), so I emailed the property management company AGAIN (they ignored me last time) and left a message on the HOA’s public Facebook page.

Can somebody PLEASE give me an estimated date as to when the tree that is down on the jogging path off of (Street) will be removed?

I am sick and tired of their bullshit reasons as to why the tree hasn’t been removed after six weeks–they’re a volunteer organization, they haven’t had the time, they’re dealing with contractors, they’ve been spending all their time plotting behind the HOA members’ backs to get a new property management company without telling anybody, there’s been a delay BECAUSE they switched property management companies two weeks ago. Wah. Wah. Wah.

When? It’s been more than a month now and every time I ask, I get told “Soon.” When is ‘soon’? You guys have had ample time to take care of this and you have not. The last time (that I am aware of) that a tree was down in the park off (Street), it took 3 months for the tree to be removed.  It really shouldn’t take that long to get a tree removed  and you guys have had ample time, volunteers or not, to deal with this problem.  This should have been dealt with BEFORE you changed management companies WITHOUT telling anyone. Nobody (again, as far as I know) was informed of the change until well after the fact.

That’s what I wrote in response to their bullshit. And then I went back and took it down because really, I know that I’m only going to get more bullshit answers from them as to when.

I’m sick of fighting with them. I’m actually tempted, at the moment, any to respond with “Blah blah blah BULLSHIT!” but I won’t.

Because that’s immature.

I don’t know what else I can do. Code Enforcement for our town has told me they can’t do anything really because it’s on HOA owned property. So they can’t make the board do squat.

I am so frustrated right now I could spit snails. SNAILS, people.

Because there’s literally (aside from going and moving it myself) nothing else I can do.

I tried emailing the new property management company, but they ignored me which doesn’t surprise me one bit. The old property management company did the same thing a lot of times…you’d call or email and get zero response.

We can’t move…we can’t afford to right now and even if we could, there’s nowhere in this town (aside from the trailer park) that doesn’t have an HOA.

Besides…I love my house. I love my neighbors. But I swear this HOA is draining my will to live sometimes as well as our bank account every year. And for what? We get almost no benefits (other than the pool) from the HOA. We’re paying into it and paying into it and for WHAT?

Two parks, which barely get maintained, a pool that doesn’t get maintained like it should, a security guard who’s never AT the pool he’s supposed to be guarding and a jogging park that they like to pretend doesn’t exist unless somebody complains about the grass and the brush.

So listen to your old auntie, kiddies…don’t ever buy a house with an HOA because they will treat you like garbage and expect you to like it.


8 thoughts on “How long THIS time–once more with feeling

  1. Can’t you just refuse to pay them? I’ve never dealt with an HOA type thing, but I know when you withhold money with the ultimatum that X needs to be done, they usually respond. Or you can remove it yourself and send them the bill…. A very large bill.

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    1. Can we just refuse to pay? No. Because even if you’re not behind on your mortgage, if you don’t pay your HOA dues they can sell the house right out from under you and it’s totally legit. Which is beyond shitty.

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  2. Here’s what you can do about it: join that board of volunteers and make sure the things that are important to you get prioritised.


    1. Tried that once…couldn’t get elected to the board. You can’t just JOIN if you want have to get your name on the ballot and be elected in the annual election unfortunately. And the current board (which has been in place for a long time) is pretty invested in making sure NOBODY is on the board but them.


    2. I’ve tried to get on the board but the current board is VERY invested in making sure nobody who isn’t a part of their clique joins. Even if I were to get on the board, I would be the only one voicing opposition to what the majority of the board wants and I wouldn’t get anything done. It’s seriously like being back in high school I swear sometimes. The only thing I can do at this point is keep bringing the issues to the attention of the new property manager (whose company I’ve contacted twice in the last two weeks and who has ignored me thus far) and hope they listen.


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