You’re speaking to ME now


I know…I know. I KNOW. I really SHOULD find a way of breaking the habit of grabbing the phone before I glance at the caller I.D., because it’s a really REALLY bad horrible no good terrible habit of mine.

Me: Hello?

Caller: Is (First Name) there? Can I speak to (First Name)?

Me: This is she. How can I help you?

(Now I was being pleasant at this point because he hadn’t yet given me a reason to be anything but pleasant.)

Caller: Yes I’m calling because we’re going to be in your area tomorrow doing free roof inspections.

(Our roof, though hail damaged in April, has been fixed for a couple of months now. And I will admit, I sort of tried to suppress a chuckle when he said this because we’ve gotten so many offers for “Free roof inspections” it’s ridiculous.)

Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t need your services. Please take me off your list.

Caller: I don’t have a list, ma’am.

Me: So you’re picking people out of the phone book at random?

Caller: Uh…no?

Me: Please take me off your list.



Me: Then how did you get my phone number?

Caller: Uh…uh..uh…Is Mr. (Lastname) there? I need to speak to Mr. (Lastname) now please.

Me: Just take me off your list, please.

Caller: I DON’T HAVE A (bleeping) LIST! I TOLD YOU THAT!

Me: o.O

Caller: I’ll call back later. Have a blessed day.



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