I’ve got some beachfront property in Arizona, too

I’m supposed to be cleaning my bathroom. Instead, I’m sitting here making this face.


Apparently Hurricane Harvey was manufactured by some kind of government climate control agency that wanted to utterly destroy south Texas since the Galveston/Houston/Corpus area isn’t really known for having hurricanes blast the ever living crap out of them.


I mean, for crap’s sake, at least 70 hurricanes have hit south Texas since 1980, people. SEVEN. ZERO. They don’t happen every year, but they happen often enough that we’re not really surprised by the fact that yeah, we’re gonna get blasted by a hellbeast of wind and water.

That doesn’t mean it’s any less of a disaster when it does happen, of course.  But don’t sit there and tell me the government is actively trying to make this shit happen, becuase I’m not going to believe you. We might never know EVERYTHING the government is up to, but I’m pretty sure not  they would stoop this low.

Well, maybe Trumplethinskin might. But I don’t think that he’s smart enough to figure this out on his own since he’s too busy strutting around like he’s America’s great savior or something.

Do us a favor y’all…donate to the Red Cross. They’re gonna need all the help they can get.




2 thoughts on “I’ve got some beachfront property in Arizona, too

  1. *facepalm*

    I’m sick of the hurricane conspiracies. Ugh. Just ugh. Some folks have too much time on their hands.

    Or the “it’s political karma” thing. There was this professor in Tampa who said something along the lines of Harvey was “instant karma” for Texas going red.

    He got fired, understandably. And he also didn’t seem to understand or comprehend that Houston went blue.

    Because in FL, you never equate natural disasters, especially hurricanes, as instances of karma retribution or whatever. We don’t joke about that. I mean, we joke about hurricane prep. When we here in Tallahassee went through Hermine last year, it was no laughing matter — especially not having power, balls hot, trees everywhere, people not understanding traffic when the signals don’t work, no water, tornado touching down across the street from Besty’s house…

    But before hand we were talking about stocking up on beer and having a hurricane party. After that shit, it was get to work and get it fixed.


    1. OMG I read that and I was like, “Seriously? Are freaking for real?”.

      Hurricanes and other natural disasters are just a fact of life.

      Now people are saying that the gas shortages we’ve been experiencing since Harvey aren’t real either, that it’s the gas companies’ fault, etc and I’m like “Are you frigging serious? Harvey took out two major refineries and yes, while we DO get SOME of our gas from Oklahoma, we don’t get ALL of it from there and yes there are going to be gas shortages for awhile. It is just how life is going to be for a bit. Geeze.”

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