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I got a slap in the face last night. Not a literal slap, but enough of a mental one that I went, “Uh?”

So the yoga/athletic pants I’ve been wearing to work out in the last few years finally bit the dust. The inseam finally cried uncle and fell apart from the lawd only knows how many miles of chafing it’s had to endure since I bought them about four years ago. I was trying to make them last until my birthday, when I knew my husband would buy me more as a gift but they just refused to hold together, no matter how dope my sewing skills.

So I went out last night to purchase new athletic/yoga pants. I first ran by Target, but they don’t seem to believe in clearance racks and the only athletic/yoga pants I found were so expensive I nearly passed out from the shock. Then I remembered why I don’t shop at Target anymore…I can’t afford it. For fifty bucks, a pair of athletic/yoga pants oughta be able to do everything AND wash my dishes for me.

So I went to WalMart, my go-to for clothes when I’m not shopping at the thrift store. I don’t care if people crap all over them and say their clothes are shite. The clothes we’ve bought there have held up fairly well over the years.

I ended up trying on eight different pairs of athletic/yoga pants because apparently, a “large” in some brands doesn’t mean “Large”. It means “The waist might fit a very fat Barbie doll but only if she’s got toothpicks for legs”.  I wound up with the only two pairs of capri-length pants they had that didn’t have some kind of weird mesh thing or an oddly shaped cut out. It also didn’t help that I swear the dressing room mirror made me look about 15 lbs heavier and two inches shorter than I actually am, more Hobbit-esque in appearance than I usually look.

The last couple of months, I’ve been starting to feel a teeny weeny bit more confident about how I look. IDK if I’ve actually lost any weight (I refuse to step on scale) but I FEEL like I look thinner than I did back in April. I know my legs look better…my calves are actually starting to be less like jelly-like lumps and more muscular, which makes them look absolutely banging (in my very not so humble opinion). I still kind of hate how thick my thighs are but most of the time I think they kinda look not terrible. It’s a work in progress, that’s for sure.


3 thoughts on “Insert witty or clever title here

  1. I don’t shop at Target either for clothes. They seem to be cheaply made, and don’t fit well. I am a huge (or use to be) Goodwill shopper. I haven’t bought any athletic wear from Goodwill, but everything else I have ever bought has been really nice.

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