Oh no you din’t


I want to love running. I want to have a lean, mean runner’s body with flat abs and legs for miles that are tight and defined. But it looks like that’s not going to happen for me. I have joint issues that are currently undiagnosed as our insurance just kicked in, but we haven’t gotten the proper paperwork yet from the company so we can make doctor appointments, etc.

So I’ve been working my way through the Zombies Run 5K training app and while the first month of workouts was challenging, they weren’t so challenging I couldn’t finish them. Then comes week 5, day one and I just can’t do it. I tried last week and couldn’t manage to make it through. My right hip just was having absolutely NONE of it. Today, when I tried again to make it through the first workout of week 5, my hip flat out tried to go full on cripple on me. About a third of the way through the workout, I felt a stabbing pain right in the center of my hip joint, as if somebody were trying to shove a flaming hot knitting needle right into the center of the joint and my right calf cramped up hard. I had to find a big rock alongside the trail to sit on so I could at the very least massage the cramp out of my calf. By the time I got the cramp worked out, my hip pain had abated so I got up and tried again. Nope. The pain flared right back up and I had to stop. I noticed that if I walked, I was OK. But start to run, even if I only ran for about 30 seconds? Pain. So I turned off the app and finished my workout by walking the rest of the way. And I was fine. No more weird cramps. Almost no hip pain whatsoever.

I want to run. Multiple celeb fitness trainers have said if you want to lose any weight at all you have to aggressively diet and run as if your life depended on it. Well, I’m working on getting my caloric intake down from around 1,500 calories  a day to closer to 1,100. Some days I do ok, some days not. Yesterday I did horrible and ended up ingesting almost 1,700 calories. Apparently, though, running is NOT in the cards for me because of my stupid joint issues which I cannot wait to get sorted out when I can finally make a doctor’s appointment, which I hope will be sooner rather than later. Because joint issues suck.


2 thoughts on “Oh no you din’t

    1. We do, but it’s only open from about the first week of May through the end of September. Week 5 starts you off with 5 min of walking, 5 min of “freeform” meaning you walk or run as much as you want, then 8 reps of 30 sec walking, 60 sec running followed by 6 heel lifts. That’s followed by a 10 min free form run/walk, 5 min of stretching then 10 more min of free form. I got to the end of the walk/run/heel lift drills and just couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted to, but my hip was going “Oh hell no.”


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