The Non-Existant Boat

So the other day, we got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize while I was out doing stuff and they left a message.

While the voice was garbled, I did make something of the message. She wanted to speak to my husband (calling him by my brother-in-law’s first name, in fact) about selling a boat.

Me: Honey? When did you buy a BOAT?

Hubs: WTF are you talking about?

Me: You know…it floats in water, sometimes it has a motor. You use it to go fishing?

Hubs: I don’t have a boat. What on earth would I do with a boat? Where would I STORE a boat?

(We are not allowed to keep boats either in the driveway or the backyard, per HOA rules.)

Me: I don’t know, but some lady left a message asking you about the price of a boat you’re supposed to be selling.

Hubs: Huh. Weird. Dad used to have a boat, but he sold it a long time ago.

Me: I know. And she called you by BIL’s name.

Hubs: I noticed.

So I guess now we have an invisible boat.


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