Funny Man

My son is a natural born comedian. I used to tell my mother in law that when he grew up, I was gonna send him to Barnum and Bailey Clown College, which I guess since the circus has gone out of business, is no longer a thing. Which kinda makes me sad. Both because we never took my son to the circus (yet another in a long string of things that parents are supposed to do that we kept saying we’ll do it NEXT year) and because he’ll never get the chance to attend the world’s most prestigious clown college (are there other clown colleges? Guess I’ll have to look that up now.).

This morning, I realized that we were out of bread. We’re going grocery shopping this weekend, so it’s not like it’s a big deal or anything. Except now I can’t make help him make his usual peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Because of his autism, he’s very routine oriented. He’s had a peanut butter sandwich in his lunch pretty much every single day since he was 4 years old. I didn’t panic…we keep a smallish amount in his lunch account at school for him to get milk every day (also part of his daily routine) and I happen to be friends with the middle school’s cafeteria manager so I let her know, via Facebook instant messenger, that he was going to be getting a tray lunch today (there’s a note on his account that says “No Tray Lunch” on account of we don’t want him getting one every day due to the expense.). I asked her what was on the menu and she told me there was going to be mini-corndogs, pizza and  a “seafood basket” (baked fish and shrimp nuggets, apparently). Ok. Cool. I inform my son, so that he’ll be prepared when lunch rolls around and won’t be floundering in the line trying to figure out what to get.

Me: Hey, you’re going to have to get a tray lunch today, OK?

J: What are they having?

Me: Mini corndogs, seafood basket or pizza.

J: Mini corndogs? Oh yes. I am DEFINITELY down for that. Oh baby. Oh my!

I start cracking up.

J: What’s so funny?

Me: You, dear.

J: Oh. Ok. Carry on then!


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