I sound like Bob Barker..a little

A former friend of mine who I keep up with through Facebook has just posted pictures of her dog (a chihuahua mix) who happens to be pregnant…again. She swears this time it’s the last time.

Honestly, there should’ve never been a first time. Pet animals should be always, always, ALWAYS be spayed or neutered. There ain’t no reason you can come up with that I will buy for not spaying or neutering your dog or cat. There is no reason you can give me for why you need to add to the already packed shelter population by having your dog or cat have offspring. If you want your children to experience “the miracle of life”, have them watch a Youtube video and be scarred for life THAT way. Even if you can sell them, it won’t be for much because nobody’s going to buy overpriced mongrels. Or maybe they will, I don’t know.

ANYWAY..the only people who SHOULD be breeding are, y’know, ACTUAL breeders. The responsible ones who are doing it to make the breed better, not just breed their dog until they die so they can maybe turn a profit. I’m not even sure actual breeders should be breeding but that’s not up to me. I know most kennels and catteries are probably super responsible about that kind of thing. Or at least I’d like to think they are.

Anyway..spay and neuter your pets. Please. Because otherwise you have apple-headed chihuahuas that need to have C-sections because they can’t squeeze their giant-headed puppies out of their undersized birth canals. Or you have tom cats wandering around with a pair of softballs hanging out just below their tail and that’s GOT to be uncomfortable. Ow.



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