Kids these days

The following conversation is basically why you shouldn’t talk to me before I’ve had a cup of coffee in the morning.

Me: J, if you want me to make you eggs and toast, fine. But you need to get the eggs out of the freezer.

J: I think you mean the fridge, Mom.

Me: Yeah, that thing.

J: Why can’t today be Friday? I WANT IT TO BE FRIDAY NOOOOOOW.

Me: Well, it’s only Wednesday. It won’t be Friday for two days, kiddo.

J: Well I want it to be Friday now. ::sadface::

Me: Well, when you’re all grown up with your own TARDIS, you can time travel from Wednesday and instantly go to Friday.

J: What’s a TARDIS?

Me: (facepalming) A TARDIS is a phone booth that’s not actually a phone booth that can travel in space and time.

J: I’ve never heard of a PHONE BOOTH. What’s that?

Me: Google it. Mommy needs coffee, sweetie.


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