Because It’s Leg Day (FWFG TRUE with Adriene day 2)

Adriene was slightly less annoying today. Maybe it’s because she wasn’t nattering on about absolutely NOTHING today the way she was yesterday. IDK.

But I do know this. I am way too fat to do child’s pose.

This is child’s pose.

My stomach gets in the way of me laying on my knees and leaning forward like I ought to and if I do manage to get myself into that position, my fat presses into my diaphragm and I can’t frigging breath. So I’m laying there, listening to her go on and on about whatever it was she was talking about while gasping like an out of water fish and thinking I’m going to die because my fatness is restricting my breathing that badly.

And because I’m a sucker for torture, I decided to follow up my yoga with the beginner barre workout from Lazy Dancer. Which, even when I WAS a dancer, that’s what I was. Plus, she’s British and I adore British accents. My legs are SO so so sore right now but it’s going to be worth it if I ever get to the point where I do it enough that I have some killer looking legs. That was the best part about being a dancer…my legs and butt looked AH-MAZING. I don’t care if I have a super flat tummy or six pack abs. No..I want killer legs and a nice butt, y’all. That is my goal here.

Well..that and being less fat so that when I do child’s pose, I don’t feel like I’m being strangled to death by my own fat.


4 thoughts on “Because It’s Leg Day (FWFG TRUE with Adriene day 2)

  1. we never did child’s pose like that. Usually we do the one with arms above the head… and I don’t directly lay my “fatness” on my knees. I kind of separate them into a V and let my fatness kind of hang out in between my knees. If that makes sense.

    But you got this. At least you’ve got the motivation going on. It’s too darn cold here to want to do anything. But you got to keep on keeping on.


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