TRUE with Adriene, day 4

So today was day 4. I skipped over day 3…I just didn’t have the energy yesterday. It was like I was being drained by a giant energy sucking vampire.

Anyway..I soldiered on through today’s practice which really wasn’t difficult but made me feel like utter crap. Adriene is the epitome of a yogi. She is thin with perfectly shaped legs and a non-bosom. The entire time, I just stared at her and went “JFC. That should be ME, looking like that. But look at me…I probably weigh twice what she does and I can’t do half the poses right because my stupid boobs get in the way.” I felt so gross and disgusted by the way I look. I felt like such a FRAUD. Like how DARE I do yoga since I CLEARLY am not the yoga type but the sit on the couch and eat an entire bag of nacho cheese Doritos type and wash them down with a Super Gulp of vanilla Dr. Pepper from 7-11 type. I’m also really OLD.

I don’t know. I don’t want to give up, because that’s what I usually do. But I don’t know if powering through will make me feel better or worse.


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