FWFG with Adriene TRUE Yoga Day 5

So I open my  email to see the daily email letter of encouragement from our hostess/fearless leader, the teeny weeny Adriene. And I don’t even READ the email, because my eyes are riveted on the picture included with the email. Adriene is bent over at the waist, her head down, arms stretched behind her, hands linked while one leg is bent at what looks like about a 90 degree angle while the other is stretched out behind her.

“Oh hell no.” I immediately think and consider bailing on the practice today. It’s late in the afternoon (about 6 pm as I write this) and I spent the entire day sleeping and reading and doing absolutely nothing. I COULD HAVE done this earlier but I didn’t. So now, if I want to do this practice TODAY, I’m going to have to do it NOW. And I JUST ate 2 massive fried chicken tenders and some curly spicy french fries (we’re out of groceries and I’m going to the store tomorrow so I had to pull from the bottom of the freezer for tonight’s dinner). My stomach is ridiculously full and I’m afraid if I try to do this NOW, based on the pose in the email alone, I will puke. Because that’s what happens when your fat pushes up on your stomach..you end up puking. Or at least I do. Gross, but hey…that’s what I get for being so fat in the first place, right?

Ok. Coin toss time. Heads, I’ll do the practice. Tails, I skip it.


Crap. It’s heads.


::edit:: I ended up doing it. I felt fat and gross and I couldn’t come even anywhere NEAR the pose she was doing with her face almost on the floor and her arms way up behind her somewhere. Nope. 😦

I’m really tempted to just fucking quit, because I’m tired of doing these videos and feeling like I’m too fat and out of shape for this shit but I said I would do all 30 days and dammit, I’m doing it.

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