TRUE with Adriene, day 8

Today was the easiest practice ever since it was mostly just sitting there on a pillow. It did come to a point where I was supposed to sit with my fingers locked behind my bent knees and I was like, “Seriously?” because I can’t do that. I’m too fat and my arms are too short for that. I did at least TRY the move, so I suppose that counts.

I also realized during my barre routine that I did afterwards that if I ever had any grace whatsoever as a dancer back in the day, it’s long, long gone. I can execute the moves (glisses, plies, etc) in the most bumbling, ungraceful of ways. I’m really glad I only do this in my living room so nobody laughs at the way I can’t quite execute the move properly.

At least I’m trying. Right? That has to count for SOMETHING.


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