Messy yard, it ain’t hard

Dear person who rubber-banded your card to my front door handle,

You see those leaves in my front yard? The once brilliant crimson and yellow but now mostly brownish blackish leaves that fell off the Bradford pear tree that is ubiquitous throughout the South but apparently nobody really likes it all that much? I happen to LIKE that leaf litter all over my yard. For one, it covers up the bare spots that have happened where my yard (because it’s on a freaking hill) has settled in weird not even close to uniform ways over the years. Also..dead leaves decay and make more yard. Dead leaves provide cover for bugs and spiders and other critters that live in my yard. Dead leaves, despite what you seem to think, are actually (at least in my opinion) a very good thing indeed.

So no..I’m not raking my leaves. I don’t care how messy my yard looks. The leaves are there for a reason and I’m going to leave them (pardon the pun) alone.


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