Say it ain’t so (A #Firstworldcruiser problem)

According to John Heald, the senior cruise director and brand ambassador for Carnival, there will no longer be free room service between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. According to the senior beards (the people in the home office, who may or may not have ACTUAL beards and may, in fact, be ladies) there is just too much food waste for them to be offering free room service in the later evening hours.

Well, poop. POOP I SAY! POOP POOP POOP POOP! NOW how am I going to get my 2 A.M. BLT when I wake up in the middle of the night with the dadgum munchies? According to his Facebook post, John says the deli will be staying open later but I don’t always want to drag my butt up to deck 9 (where it’s located) to go GET a sandwich. And I don’t usually have the patience to stand in line for half an hour for greasy pizza at the 24 hour pizza stand. Every time I’ve ever gone to the pizza stand, no matter what ship I’m on or what time of day it happens to be, there is a line at least 6-10 people deep and only one or two employees working so it takes FOREVER to get your pizza. And if I do end up going up to the deli for a late night snack, I have to actually get dressed instead of just throwing on a robe for the 5 minutes that the room service guy is there to deliver my tray. And if I go for a snack, half the time my husband insists I bring him something back so I either have to get two very heavy plates of food and carry them all the way back to the room OR I have to get my food, eat and then get in line AGAIN to get his food to take back to the room which I hate.

I know. I know. This is such a first world problem. I shouldn’t be complaining when there are people who have no food. People who haven’t been on vacation in weeks, months, years or maybe even decades, if ever.



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