Thanks, brain

This week has been a struggle for me. I’m not entirely sure why, but it has. Maybe because it was the first week back after the chaos of Christmas vacation. But whatever it was, I’ve been struggling so hard. I’ve skipped yoga practice twice this week and I feel bad because I have. I want to love Adriene…I hear so many people go “OMG I LOVE HER!” but she kinda gets on my nerves. It also doesn’t help that with my schedule being all weird I don’t have a set time for practice. I think I’m going to start doing it before I go to bed, even if I have to drag my mat in to the bedroom and watch the video on my tablet or phone because it’s too had to see the TV from the other side of the bed which is where I’d have to place my mat since that’s the only place with enough space for it.

Also, last night, I couldn’t sleep. Again. I ended up going to bed, tossing and turning for about an hour and then getting up. I played Candy Crush and DragonVale on my tablet for a little while and then went back to bed. I stuck my earbud in my facing-up ear (I’m a side sleeper) and turned on a podcast (FoodStuff). At some point, I did fall asleep. I don’t remember taking my earbud out of my ear and letting it just dangle from the phone, which was on my nightstand (where it’s been ever since I rolled over on it and accidentally dialed 9-1-1).

All I really remember was this fantastic dream I had where Jason Momoa came over and did chores at my house while I tried not to look like I was ogling his rear. It was fantastic. I didn’t even mind that he’d pulled his hair up into this idiotic looking man-bun.220px-jason_momoa_by_gage_skidmore


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