I will NEVER complain again

There’s a show right now on Netflix that I believe is called “Weird Obsessions” or something like that. Maybe “Extreme Obsessions”. Something about obsessions anyway.

I watched both the episodes (there’s only two, oddly enough) and holy snotsucker, Batman. I will NEVER complain about my husband’s bad habits again because he

  1. Doesn’t crawl around on the floor and demand to be treated JUST like a dog, up to and including eating canned dog food from a doggie bowl with his name on it.
  2. Eat raw meat exclusively to the point of avoiding anything that’s NOT raw meat, including something known as “high-meat”. (Click the link if you dare. It almost made me throw up last night watching this dude eat this stuff.)
  3. He doesn’t dress up and pretend to be a horse. (Which honestly, this was the least weird of all the obsessive behaviors, I think.)
  4. He doesn’t scrape up roadkill from the side of the road and call it a delicacy. (OK some animals I can totally see eating and have eaten such as squirrel and rabbit. Not my favorite, but still totally edible. I AM NOT going to eat skunk or badger or fox. That’s just nasty.).
  5. He doesn’t go out and look for weird bugs (cicadas, specifically) so he can play his instrument (no that’s not a euphemism. The dude had a clarinet, I think.) with them as they make noises intended to attract mates.

My husband has and does do some pretty weird things but thankfully, they all seem to fall in the realm of “normal weird” not “super weird weird”.


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