Tony, my medium sized tabby male, is currently comfort-grooming his sister Bella the whiny butt Siamese mix (we think. We’re not sure. But she has blue eyes, kinda looks a little Siamese in the face and talks a lot. Siamese mix is my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL) because she’s stretched out on the floor with her forelegs stretched as far as she can get them under the couch. Clearly one of her toys has escaped and she wants it back, hence the “Oh my GOD! Why can’t I reach this? THIS SUUUUUUUUUUCKS! I WANT IT I WANT IT I NEEEED IT RIGHT NOW!” whining.

Oh crap. She just figured out I’m “talking” about her. She looked at me. “MOOOM! COME GET MY TOY NOOOOW!”

Guess I’m gonna have to go move the couch.


4 thoughts on “#LifeWithCats

  1. I gave each of my dogs (I have three) a pig’s ear for their morning snack. The smallest one — Poptart who is a Chihuahua mix — is still chewing on his, so the middle one — Cocoa who is also a Chihuahua mix, but a bit bigger –is whining at him. Because Cocoa is of the firm belief that if he whines long and loud enough, the creature he’s whining at will give him what he wants — be it a snack or their place on the couch. It never works (especially with Poptart) but he still believes it.


    1. Bella is my talker..if she’s not whining about the bathroom door being closed or me “drowning” in the bath tub, she’s commenting on EVERYTHING. It’s the Siamese in her I swear. It’s as cute as it is annoying.


    1. Esp with Bella who will continue to make this “mowMOWmowMOOOOWmowmowMOW!” sound until she’s convinced you noticed her so she can tell you exactly what’s wrong. It’s hilarious and annoying all at the same time. And she mostly does it to me since I’m her person.


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