And now we wait…

So last week, I bought 4 skeins of Premier Wool-Free sock-weight yarn (two in “Vegas Lights” and two in “Berry Bush“). Unfortunately for me these don’t come in center-pull skeins which makes using them (at least for me) that much more difficult so I decided to wind them into balls.

Which would’ve been fine (I actually haven’t wound the “Berry Bush” skeins yet) except there were a crap ton of tiny, tight little knots that I COULD NOT get out. Like not even if I wanted to could I get them out. And deep inside the skein there were several less serious snarls that I was able to get out. I ended up having to cut the yarn where the knots were, which gave me a sad. And it’s a generally not the best idea to do either unless you’re changing colors. Which I’m not. That’s why I tend to buy multicolored, ombre-effect or self-striping yarn in the first place. So I don’t HAVE to change colors. Because I suck at it and I’m lazy.

So I went online to see if Premier was its own stand alone brand that Hobby Lobby just happens to carry or if it falls under the umbrella of brands that Hobby Lobby makes and carries exclusively in their stores. Turns out that’s a stand alone brand. I sent an email to their customer service explaining my problem and I’m sure I’ll hear back from them by the end of the week. I hope.

I don’t know what they plan to DO about my problem, since I explained I can’t return the yarn to HobbyLobby at this point (my local store is kinda persnickety about yarn returns ANYWAY).

Maybe they’ll ship me 2 additional skeins of “Vegas Lights” to make up for the crappy ones. Maybe they’ll send me a prepaid Visa or other gift card to make up for it. I don’t know. I’m not expecting them to do either, actually. I just thought they should know, yanno?


2 thoughts on “And now we wait…

  1. I bought my other half a crochet kit just before christmas, and all of the wool in the kit came up short. She reported it to the makers of the kit, and they just sent her another kit, rather than investigate anything lol

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