Don’t mess with the bull. You’re gonna get the horns.

So over the weekend, while I’m dealing with a still-sick kiddo, I get a phone call from a telemarketer. And I’m just irritated enough that they’re calling that I pick up and decide to engage.

Me: Why are you calling me?

Her: We are calling because we learned from Experian that you have one or more credit cards and we’d like to help you lower your credit card rate.

Me:  How did you get my number?

Her: Experian gave it to us.

(I seriously doubt this but I keep that to myself. Or maybe they did. I don’t know.)

Me: Take me off your list. Right now. I don’t want you to call me any more.

Her: I cannot do that.

Me: Why not?

Her: Because I cannot, that is why! YOU NEED TO PRAY TO GOD FOR THAT!

Me: Take me off your list.

At this point it goes quiet on her end, but I can hear her breathing. I wait…five, ten minutes goes by.

Me: I can do this as long as you can. I have a lot of patience. Take me off your list.

Her: (mumbling in some language that might be English, I don’t know. It’s hard to tell.)

The phone goes quiet again and I wait. Another five, ten minutes goes by. I know she’s there and I’m not giving up until she hangs up the phone. I silently curse the fact that the National Do Not Call Registry is essentially useless.

Her: You need to hang up the phone so I can make other calls, ma’am!

Me: Not until you do. Take me off your list. Take me off your list. Take me off your list.

Her: YOU NEED TO SHUT UP! We will NEVER stop calling you! YOU NEED TO SHUT UP!

Me: Take me off your list.

I’m not angry. I’m not using a threatening tone of voice. I am calm, patient. The phone goes quiet again and after about 20 seconds, she hangs up this time. I wait for her, or another telemarketer, to call back. But they don’t.

The only way, I think, to get these jerks to stop calling is to call them on their bullshit, to engage with them and make them realize that you’re not going to fall for their crap.  Maybe if everyone did this, instead of ignoring them like we’re told to do, they’d realize they can’t harass us anymore. Because that’s what it is…harassment. And they can get away with it because they think we’re just going to ignore them.

I know a little about harassment and being bullied. I was bullied quite a bit when I was in school and I was told to be a good girl, to ignore the bullies and they’d eventually get bored and leave me alone. But they  never really did. They’d ramp up their antic until I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I would snap, lashing out at them. Usually, after that (even though I was alway in trouble for defending myself) they’d pretty much leave me alone because they knew I was willing to escalate if that’s what it took to get them to leave me the heck alone. They  never liked being called on the crap they pulled, it seemed.

And it looks like these overseas people who keep calling and calling…”Amanda”, “Rebecca”, “Alexis” and the various other (usually female) names they use..don’t either.


9 thoughts on “Don’t mess with the bull. You’re gonna get the horns.

  1. Uh… wow. So I worked for one of those types of assholes and if someone says to remove you off their list, you MUST OR YOUR ASS WILL GET SUED. So, next time get all their info, do the “speak to your supervisor” thing and if they don’t, sue the shit out of them. You might get some cashy money out of it.

    But that seriously is the most awesome thing I’ve read all day.

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    1. I had another ‘We just want to give you a GREAT rate on your Mastercard or Visa!” calls again this morning. I demanded to know why he was calling and how he got my number. After a minute, he muttered “Shut up.” and hung up. He was NOT American..that much I could tell from his accent (sounded Indian. Dot. Not feather.).

      I’ve thought about suing them but so many of these companies that are MAKING these stupid calls are overseas and there’s not a lot you can do about it except be assholish right back when they call you.

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      1. Wow. “Shut up”. Damn. These folks aren’t even trying. Have you tried the “let me talk to your supervisor” thing?


      2. When I’ve tried that in the past, they’ve just hung up. I had one guy (this was years ago) try to extort money from me (I wish I were kidding) and another (again, years ago) hit on me.

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      3. I’m just sick of them calling and I’m going to answer every time to give them hell. Eventually it WILL get through to them. Normally I have a half dozen solicitor calls a day. Today..only one.


  2. When I had a land line and kids, I’d just give the phone to my kids or set it down so they were talking to air for minutes at a time. Nowadays, i just don’t pick up the phone. Eventually, they stop calling.


  3. I once called a telemarketer a liar, and her boss cut in over the call – “she’s not a liar”… “yes she is, and so are you!”. He cut the call off.


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