Noping away from that argument



Dear Reddit person,

I am done arguing with you and noping out of this conversation like my butt is on fire. Why? Because you don’t want to listen to my side of the argument (and it IS an argument, despite you claiming it’s not) or care what I say. You claim that you can’t “treat” ADHD with therapy and that a child with ADHD must be medicated in order to succeed.


Medication CAN be helpful, yes. I am not saying it can’t be. For many, many children and adults, medication is a godsend and works just fine for them with side effects that they can tolerate. But not all parents (myself included) are willing to treat their kids like guinea pigs by shoving one med after another down their kids’ throats in an attempt to find one that works and has side effects that are tolerable. I highly suggest if insurance covers it (or you have the means, if insurance does not cover it, which they probably won’t because insurance in this country sucks for the majority of people. Boo. ), you get yourself to a neuropsych who is the ONLY doctor (I think. I could be wrong.) who can order a genetic test to see which medications will work best for your child. The testing is available and I honestly believe it is in your child’s best interest to take advantage of it if you can.

Medication isn’t always necessary, though, in my opinion. And saying that you can’t “treat” ADHD with therapy makes me want to punch you in the face. Because you CAN..teaching a kid (through therapy) coping strategies ETC IS treating their ADHD. It won’t make it go away (not even medication can do that) but it DOES help.

I’m not anti-meds for ADHD. I know that for some, if not most, people they can and do work. But I think parents need to explore EVERY avenue available to them BEFORE they commit to the medication route. Therapy, exercise, genetic testing…TRY ALL THE THINGS. Even pot, if it’s legal where you  are or CBD oil if it’s not (there’s anecdotal evidence that CBD oil is very helpful with ADHD).

But to tell a parent who’s worried that their kid MIGHT have ADHD that medication is the ONLY viable route to treating their kid’s issues is generally (again, in my opinion) not the best idea. They need to be presented with ALL the options, not just one.

2 thoughts on “Noping away from that argument

  1. Therapy is a valid treatment for any flavor of mentally interesting. So long as you don’t believe it’s the *only* treatment (which you don’t). Just as medication is a valid treatment, but again, it is not the *only* treatment. In other words, you’re totally right.


    1. Thanks. 🙂 I’ve always believed that therapy and medication not only are SUPPOSED to go together but SHOULD go together as often as possible. Just like Western and naturopathic medicine should always be used in concert and never alone.

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