I don’t have a big enough bucket of popcorn

Because seriously, School Board candidate dude, if you think that adding undercover plainsclothes officers, making teachers (who, frankly, have more on their hands than they can deal with almost every single dadgum day) carry guns and making every single volunteer pay to go to ‘handgun safe use’ classes is going to change how safe/unsafe our schools are–YOU ARE MORE WRONG THAN YOU FREAKING KNOW.

And it’s people like you who make me SO glad that in four years’ time, my son will be graduating from high school and I will done with dealing with the goddamn bullshit that this school district does. I am DONE.

If I’d had ANY other choice but public school for my son, I would’ve taken it. But I don’t and I’ve dealt with this kind of jack for ten freaking years, almost eleven now. And I’m DONE. I’m BEYOND done.

I am DONE with our special needs population not getting what they need yet the school district insisting they ARE. I listened to a coworker yesterday bitch about how her son (who is on the autism spectrum along with some physical disabilities) is SUPPOSED to be having a one on one aide and doesn’t. I told her we’d been through that too, when Son was in elementary and it didn’t get better until middle school. I am DONE with the school district pushing athletics above all else. I am DONE with just EVERYTHING about this district.

I’ve tried, in my own small ways, to change things through the years (as have many of my fellow special needs parents) but we’ve gotten almost nowhere. It’s almost like we’re running in place just to keep up with the pack which means we’re getting nowhere REAL fast. It’s irritating as hell.

Guns don’t kill people. People do. And from what I understand, there were MULTIPLE chances to stop this kid who shot up the school in Florida but nobody did. NOBODY. From what I’ve heard/read, not even the school’s armed SRO was willing to go in there and do his freaking job. Instead that was left to a coach who gave his life for the students. Why wasn’t this kid stopped before this happened, if they knew this is how he was and he was posting left right and bloody center about how he was going to do this? WHY?

I don’t know. Nobody does. Or they say they don’t. And it’s frustrating as hell.


One thought on “I don’t have a big enough bucket of popcorn

  1. As soon as I saw Trump mention giving guns to teachers, I thought of the Jim Jeffries stand-up from a few years ago, where he talked about the supply teacher arriving at school, and the group of kids watching her arrive – murmuring to each other “we’re going to make her cry…”

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