If you can’t trust your spiritual teacher, who CAN you trust?


Wow. To say that I’m blown away is putting it LIGHTLY. I’m not sure what to make of this or what to think right now. All I know is that when I had my miscarriage and hit rock bottom a few years ago, Dharma Punx Against the Stream and The Heart of the Revolution saved my butt. His punk rock take on Buddhist teachings really spoke to me, more than any religious teachings I ever learned growing up did (I was raised Lutheran). Time and time again, I’ve turned to the dharma, to meditation and his teachings to help me get through all the crap that comes with my life–depression, anxiety, having a special needs kid and being married to a workaholic who also happens to have depression, anxiety, ADHD and mild OCD. Meditation was the thing that saved me and continues to bring me so much comfort and peace.

And now this. The man I looked up to as a teacher and spiritual guide. I can’t even right now. I just..wow. I need to go process this.




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