Sorry, snowflake

You can’t say “I’m not that easily offended…” and then go on to explain WHY you’re so horribly offended by something that you were warned multiple times was GOING to contain adult language and themes. And making fun of people who get up and storm out of the room in a huff is exactly what comedians do, snowflake. Sorry. Would you like some pearls to clutch? I’m sure I have some around here SOMEWHERE.

Actually, I’m kind of curious as to which comedienne offended you SO much you felt you had to write a letter to the brand ambassador of the line. There aren’t that many who work for the company (that I’m aware of) and I’m friends with one of them (well, FB friends anyway). I’m curious if it was her or not because she is salty as an old sailor and pulls zero punches, which is exactly what I like about her. She’s ballsy and speaks her mind.

9 thoughts on “Sorry, snowflake

    1. John Heald is the brand ambassador for Carnival Cruise Lines and people write in to him and he posts the letters (some of them anyway) on his FB page with his response. Somebody wrote in about how offended they were by a comedienne’s language and references to female anatomy during an R-rated adults only comedy show onboard ship. Which, it’s listed in the daily list of activities as R rated and they tell you at least twice (probably more than that actually) before the show begins that there will be adult language and themes so if you don’t like that kind of thing you have time to leave BEFORE the show begins. And every time I’ve ever been to one of these shows, when somebody gets up and leaves, the comedian/enne heckles them as they’re leaving.

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  1. Yeah… I don’t understand why folks who are “not easily offended” (read: knee jerk emotional nut cases) even follow/watch/whatever comedians.

    I was watching this random ass video on youtube, where this dude was doing a live comedy thing, and some chick in the front and center area got butt hurt, spoke out, and the comedian pretty much pulled a “why are you here”, “you obviously have no sense of humor”, “GTFO”.

    I mean, all comedians are politically incorrect. This past weekend, Honey Bunny and I binged on Chapelle’s new stuff. And yeah, I don’t agree with everything he says, but DAMN the man can tell it.

    Same with Ali Wong. We watched her special, and yeah, I don’t agree with everything. But holy hell it was funny.

    Folks seem to be looking for reasons to be offended at shit. Wish I had that much time on my hands.


    1. I’m not a fan of Chappelle’s stuff, frankly but I can see why he appeals to some people. There are comics out there that I can’t stand (coughcough Rodney Carrington hackhackcough) but I don’t get upset about them doing what they do.

      When it comes to comedians/ennes and cursing and talking about adult themes, it doesn’t bother me unless they’re being shocking JUST to be shocking. Kevin Hart is one of those..I’ve tried to watch his Netflix specials and he just puts me off because he drops F-bombs and whatever just to do it. Not because he’s doing it to tell a funny joke or story. Just to drop an F-bomb and see if the audience will react.

      When it comes to cursing and adult themes in comedy, I like it better when the comic is doing so in a semi-intelligent manner like George Carlin, Denis Leary or the Hot and Fluffy guy (whose name I’ve forgotten at the moment..he’s got several specials on Netflix and he was in Magic Mike).

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      1. Gabriel Iglasias (sp?). FLUFFY! I quoted Fluffy to Honey Bunny this week. He was talking about something or another and I did the “mmmmchaaaahhhhh” to him as a dismissal.

        I’m kind of weird about comedians — I like Chapelle, and the blue collar dudes (favorite being Ron White), but I also have a weird sense of humor.

        Not really a fan of Schumer or however you spell her name. Like her stand up, what I’ve seen of it is “meh” and I don’t have the urge to see her movies.

        I do really like Ali Wong, though.

        I think my least favorite is the puppet dude. Uhh… Dunham! Yeah, I could just never catch on to him. It was weird.


      2. That’s him! OMG I love him so much. He cracks me up so hard.
        And Ron White is one of my favorites as well. Hubs thinks he’s too foul mouthed but I’m OK with it.

        I’ve never watched Amy Schumer but I’ve heard enough bad things about her that I kinda don’t WANT to either.

        Jeff Dunham is MAH BOI! He’s from Dallas, about an hour from where I grew up/ live now. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Terry Fator (another Texas boi) is another favorite. You might remember him from America’s Got Talent like a million years ago. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. What? You expect people to READ the signs and HEED the warnings? Do you live in Utopia? What color is the sky there? I wanna come live in that world. ^_^

    It’s like when people say, “Take the warning stickers off of products and let the idiots take care of themselves.” or something like that. But I always say, “The warning stickers aren’t there for the idiots, because idiots don’t read the warning stickers. They never have. Warning stickers are there for corporations to cover their collective asses. No one can sue them if they have a sticker (or sign) that clearly says Don’t do this stupid thing.


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