Where’s my “Dream Big, Little Prince” campaign, Disney?

So Tuesday night, I slept like crap. I woke up several times and had a hard time falling back asleep. So I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling like utter crap and not in the best mood.

Naturally, the first thing I wanted to see..no..NEEDED to see (apparently) on my Facebook feed was a post from Disney. Which, normally, it’s something cutesy or related to a promotion they’ve got going on in-park and I smile as I scroll past. Because Disney usually makes me happy.

This morning though? Well..I wouldn’t say I was enraged. I was more..annoyed. And sad.  Because what I saw was their new “Dream Big Little Princess” campaign video with a THEME SONG.

I think sometimes we’re beaten over the head the point of near stupidity with what I call “Rah rah GURL POWER YAAAAAAAH!” stuff. And Disney is particularly guilty of this because for the last decade and a half (at least. Probably longer, actually) they’ve been seriously going hard on pushing the whole princess thing. Every girl is a princess. And being a princess is badass because you can do anything you want. Which, fine. OK. I get it. Girl power. Yay?

But where does that leave boys? With Disney, at least, it leaves them far behind in the dust. You don’t see Disney making a similar ad campaign for boys with their male characters. What about the little princes in our lives, huh? Why have the boys been virtually ignored?

Is it because it’s not good marketing to market to boys? I’m sure there are quite a few companies out there who would disagree (I can’t think of any at the moment, but then again I’m really freaking tired right now. Work has kicked my butt and then some.). Is it anti-feminist to make it OK for boys to have positive feelings about being a boy? Does it make me a BAD feminist (not that I was ever that good at being a GOOD feminist) because I want to see Disney (one of my all time favorite companies, which OK. I know. They have their faults. But they bring so much JOY to the world. So sue me. Or..IDK..go bite an unripe banana. Or write a scathing comment on my blog.  I don’t care.Don’t go away mad. Just go away, ok?) make it OK to be a prince as much as it’s OK to be a princess? Can’t BOYS be anything they want to be too? I mean..yay boy power? Maybe?



2 thoughts on “Where’s my “Dream Big, Little Prince” campaign, Disney?

  1. I think that comes from the Marvel side of Disney.
    Little girls have Mulan, Moana, (warrior, explorer) while boys have people like Black Panther and Ironman (world leader, inventor) to look up to.

    But yeah Disney should do a Marvel heroes version of that video.


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