WTF, Couture Fashion?

So I’ve been getting InStyle magazine for..god. I don’t know..a few months now. Not because it’s something I’d normally read or even WANT to read, but I got the subscription free as a promo from PinchMe (which, by the way, PinchMe, if ANYBODY from there is reading this..I shouldn’t HAVE to take a frigging coupon I don’t want or need in order to get my free samples. Also..I’m SICK of the stupid nutrition bar things you keep sending me. My husband and son won’t touch them and they make me vaguely ill yet I’m forced to accept THAT sample in order to get any other samples. Which is messed the fuck up.) some time ago.

And every  month there are things that leave me shaking my head. Like this month, one of the photo spreads is on cute stripey items for summer. They suggest pairing a slightly larger than pin striped one piece bathing suit with a ruffle at the top (which I think is cute as hell but would probably make me look like I was wearing a clown suit) with a skirt that has very WIDE stripes in similar colors. Which..I think both would be fine on their own with other things..just not together. And the skirt (this one, in fact) has pockets that are SO large and SO far down compared to the waist that they are virtually useless. WHY DO YOU PEOPLE DO THESE THINGS? I mean, this skirt HAD to be designed by a man. Had to. A woman designer would have made the pockets more functional and less like giant wings sticking out from your knee area.

Last month (I think it was InStyle, it might have been another stupid fashion magazine that I get for free thanks to PinchMe) there was an article about Reese Witherspoon’s new clothing line and how she just wants to make  all women feel pretty. Which, OK. Sweet sentiment there, Reese, sweetie. But if you REALLY wanted to make all women feel pretty you would’ve made it where ALL women could purchase it. Not just the select few who can afford to spend $300 on a frigging coat. I don’t know ANYBODY who’s spent that much on a coat. EVER.  I don’t know anybody who’s spent that much on ANYTHING that wasn’t related to:

A)a formal occasion (prom, etc)

B)their wedding

C)maybe a funeral

I mean, who has that kind of cash lying around to spend on a single jacket? I could buy four or FIVE jackets (more than that, actually, if I was shopping at a thrift store) for that price. Heck, if I were thrift shopping, I could probably get myself an entirely new wardrobe for that price.

I don’t know why I read these things…they just make me angry.

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