Operation Beach Body update

Well I’m about 5 1/2 weeks into Operation Beach Body and while I don’t know if I’ve actually lost any weight, I FEEL better and more fit than I did at the beginning. And my legs are regaining some sense of shape, which I like. I can see my ankles again, also. So yay for that.

I was reading an article in Health (which really, I don’t know WHO their market is supposed to be, but almost everything in there was geared towards womens’ health/beauty) about how to get rock hard abs and I thought, “But why do I want rock hard abs? That sounds…painful. Also..I don’t care if I have abs. Nope..not even a little bit.”

Because I don’t. A flat stomach would be nice, but that will never make my “mommy pooch” go away. Every woman (except maybe Beyonce and the Kardashians) gets a poochy bit between their belly button and their ladygarden after pregnancy. I don’t know why. It just HAPPENS.  And the only cure for THAT bad boy is either surgery or shapewear, which I can’t afford and hate wearing anyway.  I just ignore it most of the time, except for sometimes when I’m in the shower and I squish it so that it looks like a pair of very large lips and make it sing songs. Because I’m 12. Yup. Totally 12 years old. Sometimes I do the “Truffle Shuffle” too.

There’s still a little under two months (more like six weeks now) to go until my vacation. I frankly don’t care if I lose weight, as long as my legs look killer. Which they’re GOING to. Because I’m going to keep up what I’ve been doing and go even harder. I want my old, killer legs back so bad I can TASTE it.


2 thoughts on “Operation Beach Body update

  1. 😂 lady garden. I am dying!!!
    So you don’t feel alone in the post birthing pooch. I do it too. Ugh if our kiddos only knew how they have ruined our bodies they might occasionally pick up a dish or two as a thank you!!!
    Thank you for the giggle

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