My dearest husband,

our reputation as the family dare devils is going to be absolutely ruined if we go on this vacation and DON’T go on the Zuperman zipline. Seriously…who wouldn’t want to fly like Superman (albeit in a totally safe and controlled way)? I just got an email back from the owner/operator (I’m assuming? I don’t know.) who told me that it’s ONLY 120 ft high, which isn’t even the highest we’ve ever been. (Insert your own marijuana joke here, I guess.) Plus, our son (who is naturally cautious as heck) really REALLY wants to do this. I haven’t seen him THIS excited about something since he heard that CARS 3 was gonna be on Netflix. I mean, c’mon…doesn’t this look super cool? 😀   I mean, I know Five For Fighting said, “Men weren’t meant to ride with clouds between their knees.” but C’MON. YEW CAN DOOO EEEET.


Your wife


PS I’m the one who’s supposed to be saying “Oh hell to the no.” because I’m the one who’s terrified of heights.


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