You Can’t Fix Stupid-My Favorite TV Mom Edition

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that Roseanne Connor has always (except in season 9, when the entire show not just jumped the shark, but jumped over six flaming school buses on shark who was riding a magical liger) been my favorite TV mom. She’s the kind of mom I strive to be–tough, a little foul mouthed, opinionated, strong yet tender and devoted like crazy to her family even when they drive her straight up the wall all the way to the ceiling.

So I was really super excited when they announced there was going to be a reboot of her series on ABC. I watched each episode and it was like going back home to see my favorite relatives that I never thought I’d get the chance to see again.

ABC had announced a second season to anchor their fall line up…and then Roseanne (the actress, not the character) blew that all straight to Hades with a single tweet. A tweet which I won’t even link to because even though I have NO idea who the person she was tweeting ABOUT is (I had to go look it up), it was still uncalled for. One of her head writers, Wanda Sykes (who is funny as shit), walked out. I can imagine Sara Gilbert (whose idea the reboot was in the first place) is fuming over this. A lot of good, hardworking people have lost their jobs thanks to a few not very well thought out words.

Words can hurt. Roseanne of all people should know that since in her heydey in the 90s she was treated like garbage by pretty much everybody and she responded in kind. It seemed like the years and time spent in Hawaii (where she now lives) had mellowed her out. But apparently, she’s still got a lot of stupid kicking around in that incredibly intelligent and funny brain of hers.

You’d have thought by this point in her life, she’d learn not to implode and take everybody else down with her.

Apparently not though.

Pass the tequila.


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