Thoughts in the middle of the deep dark night

  • It’s 2 am. I should be asleep. And I WAS asleep. Until I wasn’t.
  • I REALLY want pizza, but that would mean cooking the pizza I have set aside for Friday’s dinner. Crap.
  • We really, REALLY need to buy a new comforter. Just sayin’. Because this hodgepodge of Mexican blankets we got going on, none of which are big enough to cover our king sized bed, ain’t working no more. It didn’t exactly work BEFORE but it really ain’t working now.
  • I was asleep until my stupid cat woke me up by shoving his face in my armpit and going to town on the bit of the sheet under my armpit. Like, WTF, cat? What is it about my armpit (which smells vaguely like baby powder and blackberries from my perfume) that is so attractive that you gotta get your sucking fix on? I mean, I realize you were probably weaned too soon which is why you suck on my blankets..and my sheets..and my freaking pillowcases..ALL THE TIME. But dadgum. This thing lately of you shoving your face in my armpit is just weird. Don’t make me ban your furry behind from the bedroom.
  • I am probably the only person on the planet who did not give a flying rat fart about the original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and I have no plans on watching Netflix’s reboot. Except maybe to ogle the dude who looks a little like Jesus. Because I’m always down to ogle some lovely flowing man-locks.
  • I wonder if I tweeted Netflix if they’d tell me when the drop date for a second seasons of Samurai Gourmet, Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories and Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman are. Because I love these shows. They are awesome.
  • Cake would be amazing right now but I don’t have any. This is pissing me off, just a little bit. But not enough to drive to WalMart to go get left over day old cake.
  • Dear song, get out of my brain. I think you’re lovely, but please leave NOW.
  • I’m amused by the fact that spellcheck thinks that the word “stories” is misspelled in “Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories” just because it’s italicized. It also disagrees with teehee as both one word and separate words, insisting that ‘hee’ is not a word. Teehee.
  • My husband just yelled ‘What are you doing up?” from the bedroom. I told him I can’t sleep. He said, “Fine. Bring me a can of tuna fish when you’re done.” That’s how I know he’s asleep. He doesn’t eat tuna fish willingly.
  • I really REALLY really want pizza. But I don’t want to sacrifice Friday’s dinner because I’m hungry NOW. However, in a week, after I’m on board ship, if I want pizza at 2 am I can HAVE pizza at 2 am. It’s crappy thin crust pizza, but crappy pizza is better than no pizza at all.
  • Dear brain, please find something… replace “All I Ask Of You” from Phantom. PLEASE. I like the song, just not this much.
  • What if we’re all somebody’s simulation? I mean, we’re all probably walking around inside somebody’s version of The Sims. If that’s so…then I really REALLY apologize to my former Sims for being such a horrible, horrible god back when I still played that game. And now I kinda want to play it, but I can’t because I don’t have the right computer. Or the most current version of the game. Boo. And you know what? Even if I could, I’d probably still get bored and lock people in bathrooms that suddenly had no doors and no toilets until they died of a pee-splosion.
  • I want a pet dragon. But not a big one. Just a tiny cat sized one.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts in the middle of the deep dark night

    1. I just had a thought and I hope you don’t find it weird/offensive the hell do you brush/comb your hair? I have fairly straight hair and only had really curly hair that one time I had an awful perm. I don’t have any pictures from that time period (aside from one church family portrait) but I’m pretty sure my hair looked like like a giant poofball because I didn’t know how to take care of it. And I JUST watched a video where a lady of color with MASSIVE curly hair ( was HYOOOGE) was commenting on a video where another lady didn’t wash her hair for an entire year (eew). And it made me the hell does she brush/comb that?

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      1. My hair only gets brushed when it is wet, mostly after it has been conditioned. I will never take a brush or comb to my hair when dry. It will floof like no tomorrow. Also, products. After my hair is wet and towel dried, I use curling creams/Shea butter… whatever is working, run it through my hair, and kind of go. Because it’s short, I can comb a style and shape it how I want, but as it grows, the best time to comb (wide tooth) is in the shower with conditioner in it.

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      2. Lol. No worries. What really weirds folks out is when I tell them I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. Any more, and it would dry my hair our so much that I would have a brillo pad. I do rinse and condition every day… but not shampoo… however, I wash more per week in the summer because all this hair makes you sweaty.

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