I’m still trying to work out his logic here

So the other night, I was making dinner as usual. That particular night chicken breasts and a boxed pasta salad with a bacon-ranch dressing were on the menu.

Son: What’s for dinner?

Me: Chicken and pasta salad with ranch and bacon.

Son: UUUUUUGH! I hate meat! YOU KNOW I HATE MEAT! Why do I have to eat it?

Me: It’s good for you.

Son: I still hate it. What about the pasta salad? Does THAT have meat in it?

Me: It has bacon.

Son: Oh that’s OK. Bacon isn’t meat.

Me: It isn’t?

Son: NOPE! Not meat. I’ll just have pasta salad, no chicken please.

Me: Oook then.

So apparently bacon..isn’t meat. That’s news to me.


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