You Can’t Fix Stupid–Sparrows In A Hurricane edition

When I happened to see a clip of the president talking to FEMA on the news on Wednesday night and heard his remarks about how people went “sightseeing” in the middle of Hurricane Harvey, I swear I felt my blood pressure shoot up about fifty points in less than a minute.

Dear President Trump,

Do you really believe…I mean REALLY believe… that people are THAT stupid? Ok..I’ll grant that maybe some of them truly are that dumb. But I’m betting that the majority of the people you claim were out in their boats just to watch the storm roll in were actually out there trying to help their neighbors. And not all of them were Texans…the Cajun Navy were out there too…helping out wherever they could, getting people to safety.

You weren’t even there…you were probably off at Mar A Lago or wherever it is you happen to go when you’re not pretending to be a good president, a very very good president, mmkay the best president EVER. While I was lucky enough to be far enough inland that I wasn’t personally affected, this is still MY state that I love with every fiber, every single atom of my being. And when stuff like this happens, I hurt like everybody else in this state hurts. I was worried about people getting stuck. I meditated and sent them love and light because that’s all I COULD do. I sat on my couch and watched the news reports of the waters rising and wondered if my husband’s CERT (citizens emergency response team) would be called down there to help out like many other CERT groups were.

Your words are the words of an uniformed person who clearly doesn’t give a crap if he has the right information or not. Who, when presented with the proper information, probably called it fake news because it didn’t fit the narrative you had in your head about how dumb we all are down here. You probably called us (privately, but not publicly  at least) idiot redneck hicks who don’t know enough to come in out of the damn rain.

Please..just close your mouth. The garbage that comes out of it makes me want to punch you in the face.

Pass the tequila.


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