Every pound earned

I weighed myself this morning, as I won’t be here tomorrow morning to do my weekly weigh in.

It’s been a hectic week…we’ve been trying to get ready to go on vacation and that, coupled with it being shark week, well, I haven’t exercised the way I should although I’ve been trying very hard to stick to my 1,500 calorie a day limit. I promised myself I wouldn’t be at all shocked if I hadn’t lost anything.

But I’m down almost 2 lbs (1.8 lbs to be exact) which means that even though I didn’t exercise, I still lost weight. Not as much as I would have had I actually gone for a “jog” or done some laps in the pool, but hey..a loss is a loss right?

Next week it’s going to be super hard to stick to my diet as we’re going on a cruise and cruising is ALLLLL about food. Food all the time, everywhere. And I have the tendency (as many people do) to grossly overeat when I’m on  cruise just because the food is THAT good and nobody’s gonna judge me if I order three entree’s. Or go get an entire pizza from the pizza place at midnight that’s covered in 4 different types of  cheese AND mushrooms that is JUST for me.

I’m taking my crappy old MP3 player (so I don’t have to take the Nottaphone because it’s been acting up lately. Boo.) because I’m planning, on the days when we’re at sea and not in port, to walk for at least 30 min on the outdoor jogging track. Assuming that is, I can actually use it. I keep hearing that we’re going to have bad weather the entire cruise which would SERIOUSLY suck and cause our excursions (which are both outdoors) to be cancelled. I could always go to the gym, but you have to walk through the spa to get there and I don’t want the beautiful people to have to see me with my hair in a messy bun, looking like the hottest of hot messes. Plus..and this is stupid I know..I don’t even know how to use a treadmill and I’m afraid I’d end up hurting myself because I am an idiot when it comes to even the  most basic of technology sometimes.

We’ll see how it goes. I’ll write up a full trip report when I get back.


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