Because we’re all secretly trying to be monkeys

Believe it or not..that’s me. Hanging upside down from the zipline like the little monkey I am. South Shore Zipline in Roatan, Honduras was absolutely amazing. They picked us up right at the pier and shepherded us onto a bus (well..I gotta sorta lost and almost onto the wrong bus but my husband found me and led me back to the group) that was air conditioned and very comfortable for the 40 min ride from the Mahogany Bay pier to the jungle site where we went ziplining. The first part of the zipline was really fun…we got suspended so that we were horizontal and flew like Superman down the line, vvrrrt!

Now, they showed the group how to brake yourself and although I’ve ziplined multiple times and CAN brake myself, I am SUPREMELY bad at it. After a couple of runs where the guides had to come fetch me (although I could have and was more than willing to self-rescue and pull myself hand over hand to the platform), they just had somebody go in tandem with me so that I didn’t brake too soon. On one of the runs, the guide suggested I lay on his lap (well, practically anyway) and when we got going, he flipped me up into the air. He told me to let go and let my arms hang down but I was way, WAY way too scared for that. It was freaking terrifying but OMG so much fun.

DSC00195We didn’t really see any wildlife, except for one very aggressive  capuchin monkey who yelled and made faces and attempted to throw what I HOPE were nuts. If they weren’t nuts, I don’t want to know. I also got stung by..something..on the back of my left arm. We had crossed several bridges (they were very bouncy!) and the group was sitting down on some benches before going over the last bridge (I think it was). One of the local stray cats had come to say hello and I reached over the back of the bench to pet him. That’s when I felt this horrible sharp pain in the back of my arm and it hurt like hell for at least a half an hour or so. Then it sort of faded to a slow  burning sensation and by the time we got back on the boat a couple hours later, the pain was completely gone. I didn’t have any kind of allergic reaction and my arm didn’t fall off, so win?





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