Autism logic strikes again

J: know how in high school, we get Macbooks instead of Chromebooks, right?

Me: Yes.

J: I don’t know how Macbooks work! Neither do you and Daddy. (This is true. We are Android/Windows people and always have been.) So you know who I’m going to call?

Me: Who? (I wanted to ask if he was going to call the Ghostbusters, but I didn’t.)

J: The one who looks like Pop-pop but isn’t.

Me: Uncle R? (This is one of my father in law’s four brothers.)


Me: You DO  realize he lives in Washington state and therefore there is a huge time difference, right?

J: Well, DUH. That’s what Facebook is for, Maaaaaaawhm. (I spoke to Aunt J, one of my father in law’s four sisters who told me that Uncle R doesn’t know a damn thing about Apples/Macs but her son, my husband’s cousin, does. So I think I’m going to steer him in that direction. Because he’s right. I know absolutely jack about Macs.)


(This is a totally different conversation than the first one. Just a head’s up, so you don’t get confused.)

Me: I made BLTs and you ate everything but the bacon. You LOVE bacon.

J: But it’s Moooonday. I hate Mondays.

Me: But…you still love bacon. Hating Mondays has nothing to do with loving bacon. I think. Maybe?

J: I hate everything on Monday. Even bacon.

Me: Uh…ok.


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