You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear edition

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of the massive catastrophe that happened at Build a Bear locations around the country. If you haven’t (and where have you been hiding that you haven’t heard about this?), here’s the gist of it. Build-A-Bear said “Come on Thursday and however old your child is, THAT is how much we’ll charge you to make a stuffed animal, no matter what the regular cost is.”

As absolutely nobody at corporate HQ predicted (probably), this ended up being bigger than anybody could have imagined and that’s where it all went completely pear-shaped (as my British friends say. I LOVE that phrase, “gone pear-shaped”). Or rather, it was more amoeba-shaped than pear-shaped.

All over my Facebook feed, Reddit and a few other places I frequent were stories of people lining up for three or four hours before the store even opened just to get their stuffed toy for cheap. The lines went down the corridors, down stair ways, wrapped AROUND the malls in some cases I read with thousands left unsatisfied as employees came out to go “Sorry. We gotta cut the line off RIGHT HERE because we can’t frigging deal with this.” Thousands of disappointed kids because NOBODY thought this through at corporate HQ. I’m not blaming the kids or the parents..they simply wanted to take part in a very good promotion. But the promotion was TOO good and ended up being a massive fail that will be shown as an example of how NOT to run promotions in business classes for years to come.

Speaking of “Wow that really blew up in our face, didn’t it?” promotions, Wednesday was July 11 (7-11) and the convenience store chain 7-11 held their annual “Free Slurpee Day” promotion in honor of the eleventh day of the seventh month just like they have done for several years now. Only this year you were limited to one free small Slurpee per person. Why a small? Well, in the past, on “Free Slurpee Day” they allowed you to bring your own cup and they would let you fill it for free. So, naturally, people took advantage of this and would bring the most massive cup-shaped thing they could find to fill with Slurpee. It was costing 7-11 so much in lost revenue (not to mention how filthy I imagine the Slurpee nozzles were from touching the cups/cup-shaped objects that were probably not the cleanest) that they had to stop allowing people to bring their own vessels of choice. I mean….what did they think was going to happen when they said ‘Bring your own cup and we’ll let you fill it with Slurpee”?

Pass the tequila.


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