I blame Mother Nature and drugs

I’m up 4 lbs this week from where I was last week. I blame Mother Nature (because HELLOOO shark week!) and my Celecoxib which has a known side effect of weight gain, which that is counteracting the weight LOSS I should be experiencing due to both my starting on the ground up pig thyroid and the Zoloft.

(Totally as an aside..is it just me or does the ground up pig thyroid pills SMELL rather pork-ish? Because I took a big ole whiff the other day and they stink of pork but in a bad way. Not in a delicious bacon-y sort of way. )


It’s TOTALLLLY not because I only worked out twice last week and was really bad at tracking my calories. NOPE. NOT MY FAULT AT ALL. It’s Mother Nature and my drugs, man.

No, I’m kidding. I know it’s my fault. And this week, because we’re trying to get ready to go out of town AND get our fence replaced, it’s not going to be any better. Gah.


Once we get back from vacation though, I’m GOING to get back on track. I am NOT going to let this stop me from trying to reach my goal of 160 lbs, if not by my birthday (which is in mid-September) than at least by the end of the year.

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