You Can’t Fix Stupid–First World Problems, Youtube Celebrity Edition

NOTE: NORMALLY I would wait until Friday to post this, but since I feel so strongly about it and it’s  blowing up right now and might be over by next Friday, I’m posting it NOW.


Sometime within the last  week or so, Youtuber grav3yardgirl (aka Bunny) posted not one but TWO videos on her secondary channel (called BananaPeppers, which I won’t link to because I don’t want to give that girl views. If you choose to go look her up, that’s on you, friend.) complaining about Starbucks not giving her free hot tea refills through the drive-through anymore.173dd5bc1c0e6d1d11a18046c19a8f26-problem-meme-meme-maker

Now, as I understand it, it has NEVER been Starbucks’ policy to give free refills to certain level (Gold, I think, people have said. I wouldn’t know. I don’t go to Starbucks. I find copycat recipes on the internet and make that at home for cheap. Because I’m cheap. But THAT is another post entirely.) loyalty card members through the drive-through for health reasons. Somehow though, apparently, this woman has been getting her refills through the drive-through. Now, I remember seeing this video she made BRIEFLY pop up on my Youtube feed, but I scrolled past because I’m not a fan. I’ve watched MAYBE five minutes of ONE video and Youtube thinks I need to watch ALLLLL her new content even though I wouldn’t subscribe if you paid me. (Well OK, maybe if you paid me.)

Then within the last few days, I’ve seen video after video pop up in my feed where Youtubers are talking about how she dirty deleted (which, for all y’all not familiar with the terminology, to dirty delete something is to post content and then, when you start getting people disagreeing with you, you delete because OMG HATERS AMIRITE? and you can’t deal with anybody not having the same opinion as you.) her 30 min rant about how Starbucks was actually gasp making her COME INSIDE and get her drinks now. According to multiple videos (some of which I’ve linked here), she hasn’t bought a drink at Starbucks in months, years possibly. She would just roll up to the drive through in her fancy car (one video, I think said a Porsche, but I don’t know what she drives and frankly I don’t even care) and demand her drink. I haven’t been able to find corroboration for the claims made in another video (aside from some Reddit posts), but there is a poster on Reddit who claimed they were a barista at Bunny’s favorite Starbucks.  He said her order was always immensely complicated and that it usually got sent back several times for not being just right or something. Which..OK. If you’re going to order a venti double shot of espresso flat white no foam with two sugars and three pumps of caramel (I have no idea if this is a thing. I always order a white chocolate mochaccino when I go in there, y’all. And that’s like ONCE a year. Maybe.) and it’s not exactly what you ordered, fine. Send it back. But pay for the drink. Don’t expect them to just hand it over because they screwed it up as long as they got it right the second time around. (If it comes back a third time not right, I don’t know. Just walk away. And maybe reconsider ordering something more basic next time?)

Also…if the store policy says X and you expect Y just because you’re a high level loyalty card member AND a “celebrity” Just no. The only difference between you and me is that you have money and I don’t. Aside from that, you are EXACTLY like I am. Period. Don’t expect the store to bend over backwards to cater to your needs (although they probably will, because you’re a “celebrity”). Every customer, rich, poor, black, white, Youtuber or not, IS THE SAME once they walk through those doors and deserves to be treated the same as everybody else who is just standing in line, waiting for their overpriced bourgeoisie (Ha! My Word Of The Day calendar comes in handy sometimes.) coffee.

Bunny claims the entire reason she would roll through the drive through to get her free refill was because of her anxiety problems. Now, being somebody who suffers from severe anxiety myself, I get that it can be a real pain in the patookus. So yeah..just don’t go in the store if it messes with your head that much. I can understand that. But if you’re going to roll through the drive through to get your drink and the policy is “No refills through the drive through.” then just be an adult and pay for your damn drink. It’s not like you’re out there digging through the couch cushions HOPING to find enough spare change to go buy a drink. She has a wildly popular (although honestly her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me but hey..there’s no accounting for taste) Youtube channel, has done multiple collabs with other famous Youtubers and even teamed up with Tarte cosmetics to create her own palette. Which I know she probably made a crapton of money off of, not to mention those sweet sweet Youtube bucks rolling in for all the clicks and shares.

Bunny, girl, I don’t know you. We live in the same state, but that’s just geography. Do us all a favor and stop whining, put on your big girl pants and pay for your dadgummed drinks like the grown up you pretend to be. If your channel really IS dying, I’m sorry. Everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame and you have used yours all up by asking in the most annoying voice possible, “DOES THIS THING REALLY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORK?!?!?” and making weird faces. You’re gorgeous. Capitalize on that.

And pass the tequila.

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Fix Stupid–First World Problems, Youtube Celebrity Edition

  1. i’m in no ways a fan of this girl…but the person who wrote this needs to take all that sand out of her vag, it’s making her salty and whinny


  2. **Just an FYI…I didn’t realize I could edit comments posted to my blog before they were approved to be posted by me. This person decided to go on a several paragraph long rant, so instead of posting their hateful rant, I’m going to post a picture of something cute instead.–MamaTrek**


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