Holy shit..iz offishul. I haz high schooler naow.


So today did not start off well. Hubs had to drive a bus this morning (because they’re perpetually short staffed) and woke me up with his alarm. Then, fifteen minutes later, he called juuuust as I was about to fall back asleep since I didn’t have to get up for like another 30 minutes and told me he forgot his time clock card thingie and I needed to bring it out to him. Fine.

I grabbed it from the hook next to the bed and went to go walk it outside to him. As I stepped off the porch onto the little sidewalk thing that goes around to the driveway, I stepped on a damn toad-frog-squishy thing. I didn’t even see it in the darkness, lit only by the light over the garage door. All I know is that I stepped on something squishy and it croaked at me angrily. I didn’t scream, like I would have if I were more awake. I was too tired. So I just sort of kicked it and I hope it hopped back into the grass, better and wiser for being stepped on.

So by the time I go back in the house, it’s almost 5:30 and I had to get up at 5:45 ANYWAY so I was like, “Fuck it.” and got my son up. I told him to go take a shower while I made his breakfast. He came out, ate and I took a crapton of “First Day” photos with him grumbling at me about how lame it is. Look, kid. You are my first and ONLY chance to do this so, deal with it.dealwithit

I ended up, once his bus came, going back to bed for an hour and a half because I was just so exhausted still. I decided to stop off at 7-11 and get a coke before I went to work because I KNEW today was going to be utterly chaotic and I was going to need that sweet, sweet caffeine to deal with it. I got my usual Big Gulp (79 cents right now..oh yeah.) and they were out of the usual Big Gulp plastic cups. They had substituted these Deadpool 2 cups that they’d been selling all summer for 3 bucks so I got a 3 dollar cup for 79 freaking cents. giphy2

It was super cray cray at work because ALL the head office people kept dropping in and I was like “Seriously? GO BOTHER SOMEBODY ELSE! We got work to do, y’all.”

I think overall though, it went pretty smoothly despite being crazy AF. We didn’t run out of anything until the very, very end of the last lunch and I was able to keep on top of my stuff and make sure everything was kept stocked like it was supposed to be. The only hitch was that we had extended lunch, which will happen all week, and I didn’t have time to do my dishes. A, my mgr, said it was fine, she’d finish them up for me (there weren’t that many, truthfully) and tomorrow I could just come in a half hour later so I could stay later in the afternoon to get my stuff done.

I’m supposed to go work out but my feet hurt SO freaking much right now. Maybe after dinner. I’m not going to get into those size 12 pants by my birthday just by wishing for it, after all.



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