Wow..that was…weird

So last night, in an effort to give myself a very adult reward for cleaning the house, I drank three glasses of the K-Mart champagne we won on a cruise at some point in the last couple of years mixed with diet cranberry juice. After about three hours, when the house was totally clean and all but like one load of laundry done, I decided to have one last glass of cranberry+champagne and watch an episode of “Orange Is The New Black”. I ended up going to bed around 11ish and I must have had some super weird dreams. I don’t remember what they were, but at some point my husband rolled over and poked me to wake me up. I was kind of annoyed (as you are when that kind of thing happens) and said “Whaaaaaat?”

“Dude. You’re like..chanting in your sleep. Shut up.”

So apparently too much champagne makes me moan-chant in my sleep. Or something.


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