You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–It’s Not Spam edition

Yesterday, I found out that they’re making a movie version of CATS, which is my all time most favoritist Broadway musical. It’s the one that (along with Phantom of the Opera) is most likely to make me squee like a twelve year old at a Taylor Swift concert (which, she’s supposed to be in the movie as Bomburalina, along with Sir Ian McKellan as Old Deuteronomy and Jennifer Hudson playing Grizabella. SQUEEE!!!). So, in my excitement, I wrote a several paragraphs long Facebook post, complete with a link to an article about it on Dancer Magazine’s website. I added a picture (from the “taped live but without an audience version” that was put out on video in 1998) and hit “Post”. Yanno, like ya do.

A few minutes later, I got a notification saying that Facebook thought my post was spam. Maybe it was the four paragraph length that made them automatically think it was spam. Maybe it was the FOUR cat emojis and the #JellicleCat4Lyfe hashtag. I don’t know. But I do know that Facebook automatically tagged it as spam and when I made a second post, stating how I hoped they went with one style of costume over the other, I had to add a little paragraph about how Facebook thought my OTHER post was spam and it may or may not be showing up on my timeline. I didn’t want people to go “WTF is this shit?” and be confused.

If I’m posting something..ON MY OWN DADGUMMED TIMELINE…it’s not spam, Facebook. What the hell?


Pass the tequila.

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–It’s Not Spam edition

  1. I saw your comment in the Bloggess’ post. Sister, go to London BY YOURSELF! I did it three years ago and it was so empowering … not to mention more affordable.


  2. Ah, Facebook. We all bitch about…. with good reason…. but we’re all still there. Rather like Wal Mart. You shop in disguise so you won’t be recognized (or end up on the Wal Mart people website because yes, those shorts are a little short) and then dance with glee when you come home with the 24 pack of Twinkies that was a dollar cheaper than anywhere else. Guilty pleasures.


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