This is why the internet kinda sucks

So I was reading a post that Wil Wheaton put on his blog within the last day or so and it reminded me of how, even back in 2004, the internet had pockets of horrible, no good, very bad people.

Let me tell MY story.

After I gave birth to my son, I wanted to breastfeed. Badly. I felt it was the ONLY thing I could do, because I was heavily pressured into believing that “Breast is best” and formula was evil poisonous devil’s milk. Which, let me state this straight up before I go any further–breast IS best, but there is no shame in giving your child formula.

I wanted to breastfeed SO bad, but the first couple of weeks, I found it incredibly difficult. Because it was difficult, my son wasn’t gaining weight and they told us we had to put him on formula. I cried. I was deep in the throes of a serious post-partum depression and it was one of the darkest places I’ve ever been. I can look back and laugh NOW at some things that happened during that period, but at the time it was sheer hell.

In my desperation to find my ‘mommy tribe’, I turned to the internet because at the time I was working 40 hrs a week and just didn’t have the desire, time or energy to socialize. I found an “alternative” mommy community on LiveJournal (I had one back then, just like everyone else) and while I was welcomed at first, that quickly went sour. Why? Because I wasn’t alternative enough for them, I guess. I didn’t breastfeed and they were upset about that. They threatened to use my ISP # (which I have no idea how they would know that. I’m not good with technical stuff, never have been) to track me down so they could go to my place of work and hold a “nurse in” to protest the fact that I didn’t breastfeed. A journal was created solely to mock me and my husband (who never knew about it and if I have my way, never will) with supposedly satirical entries but honestly? They were just straight up mean. The journal, with the entire 4 entries that were put into it, is still on LiveJournal and sometimes I do go back and look at it. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I am sad a little that somebody put so much effort (or maybe not that much) into trying to hurt somebody they didn’t even really know.

A few months ago, something similar (but without the mocking fake blog) happened on Reddit, because I was part of a community of moms there as well. I didn’t know who to trust, so I left for awhile and decided to go back. I did, after all, enjoy hanging out (well, virtually. Sort of.) with those moms because they are mostly more bad ass than I’ll ever be and they’re cool. But when I started getting attacked a second time, I left again and I don’t know if I’ll even be able to go back. I still lurk on Reddit and post occasionally but not nearly as much as I used to because I’m afraid of being attacked all the time.

I have to it me? The ‘me’ I present online is much braver than my actual self. The online ‘me’ is much less afraid to say what’s on my mind than I am in real life. The online ‘me’ is the me I WISH I could be in real life all the damn time but I’m usually too tired, too stressed out and too drained from work and life and depression and anxiety to be that person.

It’s probably me, y’all. :-/ Sucks as it does to admit that, I’m doing it. It’s probably me.

Which leads me to wonder if I should withdraw from everything–Facebook, Twitter (which I barely use anyway), Reddit, my blog, everything.

I’ll get back to y’all on that.

11 thoughts on “This is why the internet kinda sucks

  1. That’s horrible….. I’m sorry you’ve had such awful experiences online. The internet can be a great place to connect with wonderful people, but it can also be like a vicious dodgeball game of trolls. Things they would never say in person, spew from their keyboards without a second thought. Bullies are bullies, and the net gives them the power to intimidate anonymously. I’d say don’t let them win…. but if social media is making your life miserable then ditch it like you would a rotten apple!


    1. It’s not making my life miserable, per se. I mostly don’t go on Twitter except maybe once a month (if that). I haven’t used LiveJournal in several years, either. For me it’s mostly been here, Facebook and Reddit the last 4-5 years I guess. And I don’t get a lot of trolls on Facebook since my page is as private as I can possibly make it (or at least I believe it is. I hope it is.). It’s mostly been Reddit and here.


  2. It sucks that you’ve had to deal with that. I just read the Wheaton blog. I still look at Twitter, but I rarely tweet. I was just thinking recently that maybe I need to stop following a lot of people to get rid of some of the negativity, but I’m not sure that is possible there.


  3. Don’t let strangers, who wouldn’t have the guts to dare say terrible things to your face, make you flee from the internet and the social media. Many times, we look to the internet for validation, only to find it is fleeting or non-existent. We must continue to follow our craft and ignore the chatter. Just do you… and don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks.

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  4. I know I just “met” you and this is crazy…wait, I went off on a stupid tangent there, and I hate that song. …but anyway, I will just say this. EFF those turds. I won’t swear on your comments section, even though you WILL find out as a Loomer now that I use copious amounts of offensive nounage, verbiage, and every-other-age. But yes, EFF them. So what if you didn’t breastfeed? Holy balls on a heifer, neither did I, because my first child was difficult or maybe my boobs were difficult; it’s neither here nor there now. He’s 31 now, pretty darn successful, and he was the healthiest kid in the world. We are extremely close, too, so the bonds obviously solidified even though I wielded a bottle and not a breast (there’s a visual) and the next two that came along were reared in the same way, and they, too, suffered no ill effects. These alternative people, in their quest to be edgy and get likes, forgot one thing: their opinion means squat. They also forgot the most important thing: to be kind. I ABHOR when women do this to each other. They call us the fairer sex, but the truth is, many are cutthroat, abrasive, and awful. We should support and build each other up, not tear them down. So be you! You’re a limited edition! Only one made! You may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but who is? And again, just EFF them.


    1. Thanks for the comment. 🙂 And hi. son’s a teenager now, so he basically hates my existence because I SUCK for making him do things like OMG CLEAN HIS ROOM and pick up his own messes and help with chores around the house. I don’t let him have his own way ALL THE TIME and OMG I’m SUCH a terrible mom (according to him, anyway).


  5. They don’t always come back…I had (at one point any way, one has since passed away) 4 stepbrothers and 2 stepsisters, all grown ass adults by the time my stepdad married my mom (marriage #4 for him and the only one that really stuck). Only two of his kids are willing to have anything to do with him at all. I can’t say about their relationship with their moms..I don’t know their moms. But whatever happened when they were growing up, it really affected their relationship with their dad. I don’t want my son’s relationship with me and Hubs affected in such a horrible way that he doesn’t want anything to do with us when he is older.


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