Who are you?

My Ancestry DNA kit came in the mail. I put my spit in a tube last night and it’ll get mailed out today.


I don’t know what it will tell me. I don’t know who, if anybody, I’ll be connected to on Ancestry.com. I don’t know if I’ll find out what I’ve wanted to know for half my life–whether or not I am part American Indian. And if I am, what do I do with that information? I mean, do I contact the Cherokee tribal nation (or whatever it is) and go “Hey…you don’t know me and this is crazy. I’m part of your tribe, so call me maybe?”

In six to eight weeks…my curiosity will be..well..not exactly SATISFIED, I don’t think but..I don’t know. We’ll see what the results say and go from there, I guess.


4 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. I’ve been tempted to do that as well, but I’m already on Ancestry and have spent years researching my tree.
    It will definitely tell you if you have Native American roots, but I don’t think it specifies the tribes. Good luck!


    1. ::nods:: I’ve been working on and off on my mother’s tree for years now, but I got stuck at one point because either the records are spotty, don’t exist at all or I’d have to drive to TN to spend lots of time looking for things. That’s the shitty part of having relatives who are basically hillbillies, I guess.


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