You Can’t Fix Stupid–Don’t feed the birds, even if it’s not tuppence a bag edition

One of the things you’re told in the mandatory safety briefing on every cruise is that you’re not supposed to throw things into the ocean. Period. It’s bad, y’all. If you’re throwing organic material, it’s less bad than if you tossed a plastic bottle or something over the side, but you’re still not supposed to do it. Also, bread (and other human food) is really bad for seagulls.  Seagulls normally eat fish and insects, but if you feed them, then they learn to be dependent on humans feeding them and scavenging for trash instead.

I love how Miss NoName is horribly upset that she got told to stop doing something, carried on doing it ANYWAY and then got reprimanded a second time.

You see this kind of entitled behavior all the time on cruises. I can’t say whether or not it happens on other cruise lines, but it’s a pretty common occurrence on Carnival, I think. People go on vacation and think that suddenly, rules don’t apply to them, which causes them to get upset because HOW DARE ship’s staff make them follow the rules. It doesn’t seem (at least from my observation) to be limited to a certain type of passenger either, although the older passengers and the platinum level loyalty club passengers seem to be more prone to this kind of fit throwing. It also seems to be more common among those who’ve never cruised before or have only done so a couple of times. And as a frequent cruiser, it can be annoying to have to deal with these people. But once you get over being annoyed, it’s kind of funny to sit back and watch them throw a hissy fit with security.

Don’t feed the birds, y’all. Even if it’s only tuppence a bag.

Pass the tequila.

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