Well, that’s..interesting.

So I got my DNA results back from Ancestry.com.

I am, according to them:

66% English and Welsh with a sprinkling of northern European

22% Irish and Scottish

4% French

and 2% each Germanic European, Finnish and Norwegian

No wonder I’m such a freaking Anglophile. It’s in my DNA! Ancestry.com also tells me that in the 1700s a LOT of English dudes and their families did this giant mass migration thing fro England/Wales to eastern Tennessee and North Carolina because the inheritance laws at the time sucked monkey butt. Like, if your father was a landowner and had three sons, only the first born would inherit. Second born and younger sons/daughters were pretty much screwed royally. So they went to seek their fortune across the sea.

Sadly..no Native American DNA was found, which kinda made me sad. I was SERIOUSLY hoping there would be at least a hint of it, but nope. Not present AT ALL. Oh well. At least I learned something I didn’t know before which is kind of neat.


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