Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves part 3

SO…um..where was I?

Oh yeah. Boyfriends. We’re totally not allowed to have them. See, most Gypsies are really strict Roman Catholics, which means no anything outside of marriage. No touching, no kissing and DEFINATELY no sex. Not that the boys don’t try sometimes anyway.  There was this one time when we were at a clan gathering, down in south Texas where the men were doing their thing and the women were doing theirs. Nothing really special, really. Just hanging out, barbecuing, trading bullshit stories. You know, like ya do.

The younger guys though, the ones like my age, they were there for a totally different reason. They were there to find potential wives and do some ass grabbing. That’s what our guys do to show you they like you..they see a girl they like and they grab her, drag her off. You can beat him off if you want, but it’s not going to do any good since they’re almost always taller and stronger than the girls. Mostly all he’s gonna do is steal a kiss, maybe do a little tit or ass grabbing. For the guys it’s a sport..see how many girls you can grab on a given night or a given weekend. The bruises they get from us beating them off are like trophies or something. It’s kinda sick and twisted but that’s how Gypsy guys are raised. You see a chick you like, you take her. And she can’t say no. She’s not really ALLOWED to because that’s just how the rules ARE. You don’t question them, you just sort of accept that this is how shit is.

No guy has ever gotten too rough..not that I’m aware of anyway. They know better. Because if they get too rough or take it beyond a few stolen kisses and feeling the girl up over her clothes, if  the girl tells her dad what happened, shit’s gonna fly. The girl’s dad or brothers might call the guy out, they’d have a beatdown and the guy would probably have to marry her for ‘despoiling her’ or whatever. Sex before marriage is a really SERIOUS no-no around us.

So..that day at the Ren fest when the creepy old dude was giving me shit..I ran into this guy I sort of know from a few of the south Texas clan gatherings whose name is Mick. Well..Micheal really but they all call him Mick. Whatever. Mick is suuuuupercute and I’ve had my eye on him for a couple years. Problem is, he’s older than me..three, nearly four years older. So to him, I’ve always been like this tagalong kid sister who’s more of a pain in the butt than anything else. Even after I got my boobs and the guys all started drooling like idiots, Mick just ignored me. I didn’t WANT him to ignore me though. I like Mick..he’s tall with flaming red hair and big green eyes and these really nice muscles. When he’s not working, he works out at home with his weights and he runs a lot, so he’s got a nice chest and a REALLY tight little ass. HELLO MALE NURSE!

“Heya Mick.” I said, kinda all casual and stuff, like it was no big deal running into him.

“Hey, Shortstack.” he replied, smiling that slow sexy grin of his. He calls me Shortstack since I’m a good foot shorter than he is. I grinned back.

“What’s cookin, good lookin? Seen anything..interesting today?” I was seriously getting my flirt on, blinking my eyes at him (I think that’s called batting, but I don’t know. Anyfart…) and placing my leg up on a bench so I could hitch the hem of my skirt up just a little and show off a bit of leg. I have to say, Mick did look my leg up and down appreciatively. My legs are probably the best looking thing about my body, next to my boobs.

Mick shook his head and whistled. “Nah..same old stuff everybody’s seen. Nobody I know..cept you, Shortie. And you’re looking good, ain’t ya?” He was flirting right back at me!  Like some idiot heroine in one of those lame YA novels I was always reading when I was like, ten, I giggled and blushed beet red. I felt like a great big doofus. Mick laughed too and grabbed my arm, pulling me closer.

“I heard something the other day and I want you to tell me if it’s true, Cher. I heard from Harry who heard from Paddy who heard from his sister Colleen that yoooouuu like meeee…” he said,dragging out the ‘you’ and ‘me’ unneccessarily. I giggled and buried my head in his shoulder. Mick put a hand under my chin and forced my face up, so I was looking in his eyes.

“So it is true. Little Cherlynn has fallen in love…wise men say only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in loooove with yooouu..” he serenaded me.

“Alright alright. Knock it off Mick. Ya sound like a great big coot, you know that? A drunk coot being dragged backwards through a knothole.” I said, pulling away. Fighting off the guy who’s grabbed you is all part of the game, after all. A guy expects his girl to put up a fight, the first time he grabs her anyway. Mick just pulled me closer and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. I wanted to fight him off, but I just couldn’t. So I did the only thing I could…I sort of collapsed in his arms and let him kiss me. I kissed him back and while I may not have had a LOT of practice at it, I have to admit I wasn’t too bad. Or at least if I was bad, Mick didn’t have any complaints. He continued to kiss me for what seemed like an eternity. Time seemed to slow down and I felt like I was spinning, but in a good way. Not the kind of way that makes you dizzy. Not that I minded, yanno? I liked being kissed by Mick. It was like stars and fireworks and angels singing and all those Disney princess dreams coming true. My heart thudded against my chest and my toes curled and Holy Fucking Shit.

Yeah. I think I just died a wee little bit. Le sigh.

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