You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–The Invisible Human Trick

I’ve been around on the internet awhile. I’ve seen some things. I’ve seen things I never want to see again. I’ve seen things that simultaneously fascinated me and grossed me out to the point I wanted to dump a gallon of bleach directly onto my brain to erase what I’d just seen. (2 Girls 1 Cup comes to mind. If you’ve never heard of it or heard of it but have never seen it, don’t. Just..don’t. OK? Ok.)

Most of these so-called prank videos aren’t even funny. Pranks, at least from what I was led to believe, were supposed to be funny for all involved..both the prankers and the prankees. But it seems like the last few years or so, maybe as far back as a decade (at least that I’m aware but it probably goes back even farther than that), that calling something a ‘prank’ is really just an excuse to act shitty towards your friends and family for the purpose of filming it, getting lulz and those sweet sweet YouTube monetization checks. It’s great for the pranker, not so much for the prankee who ends up embarrassed and humiliated and probably angry as hell and rightfully so.

YouTube didn’t even try to crack down on these kinds of stupid videos until after the whole DaddyOFive/FamilyOFive debacle happened. Which, that wasn’t pranking so much as publically abusing your kids for profit and that is NEVER a good idea. Ever.

So please, y’all..think before y’all prank. Is it funny, for everybody involved once everybody is let in on the joke? Is it safe? Is it sane? Is it legal? Why are you doing it? Are you going to post it for the entire world to see on YouTube and if so, what if the prankee wants it taken down at some point because they’re embarrassed by it?  If you don’t have the answers to those questions, then maybe the prank you’re planning on pulling isn’t a good idea.

Pass the tequila.

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