Yarn Review–Yarn Bee Dee-Lish Boutique


IMG_0715 (1)
Ignore the date stamp. My son was messing with my camera and jacked up the date on it.

Yarn Bee is one of Hobby Lobby’s in-house exclusive brands and is their substitute for Lion Brand’s Mandala Baby yarn or other similar lightweight yarns. This cake is 5.3 oz (150 gms) and 590 yds (540 m) The ball band calls for a size 3.75 (size 5 US/size 9 UK) knitting needle or a 4.5mm (US size 7/UK size 7) crochet hook. It is made up of 90% acrylic and 10% alpaca fiber which gives it a nice fluffiness and a soft texture that is very nice to work with. I keep stopping to pet it. This particular colorway is called “Pinwheel Cookies”, although they do have a variety of other colorways as well. Normally, a cake is $6.99 although I got the two I bought for 30% off that price because they were on sale.

There were some issues at the very start…the cake is a center pull cake but I found the first few inches of the center pull strand entangled so badly with a strand from the outside of the cake that I had to cut it off in order to start using it. That was strike one. Strikes two and three were tiny knots where it changed color from blue to yellow and then from yellow to pinkish-red. However, because the knots were so tiny and the yarn has some definite fluff to it, they’re pretty well hidden in the double crochet stitches so that you can’t see them. I’m also using a slightly large size hook, an H-8 (5mm) than what the ball band calls for. The pattern I’m using is Mijo Crochet’s Secret Paths. It’s not terribly difficult and really the only special stitches you need to know are FPDC (front post double crochet), BPDC (back post double crochet, which I always find to be a little fiddly) and how to make a popcorn stitch. Fortunately, she provides a guide on her blog on how to do these stitches or you can look them up on Youtube. They’re not hard, just a little fiddly, especially the BPDC.

I really do love the colors of this particular colorway…they’re really pretty and give the yarn a bit of a tropical air which I really, really like.

If I were to rate this yarn, I’d say it’s an excellent yarn for baby items, hats, mittens and shawls. I’m not sure how it’s going to block out, since I’ve never blocked a yarn that’s had alpaca in it. However, because of the high acrylic content, I should be able to ‘kill’ it with a low-heat iron like I’ve done with other 100% acrylic yarns in the past.



2 thoughts on “Yarn Review–Yarn Bee Dee-Lish Boutique

  1. I saw that one when I went to HL this weekend, but I had just done a mandala style yarn project and changed gears for my next project.

    But you named my biggest pet peeve with yarn — when you can’t find the end n the center, then you have to dig for it, then it is all tangled. Ugh.


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