I can’t even….

I found myself reading…and then quickly neck deep in…a posting on FB about how raising minimum wage is a horrible idea.

 There are a lot of jobs that pay the same and are much more difficult and stressful. No one has to stay in fast food forever. That was never the purpose of getting a job like that. They choose to. They choose not to stay in school, college or even getting certificates for other job/career possibilities. Until more important lines of work get better wages, fast foodies can continue to cry, because most won’t even bother to look at other options. They would rather complain and live off of food stamps then continue their education in some way.

At that point, I had to just force myself to just click away. Because there will always be jobs that are much more difficult and stressful than retail or fast food. This is not comparing how hard it is to do one job over another. Raising minimum wage is about paying people a livable wage for working 40+ hours every week at whatever job they are at.

And school is not an option for everyone…they don’t have the time, the money or other resources in order to go to school. Maybe they don’t want to continue to sit in a classroom for hours every day after they finish high school. Maybe, because of other obligations or things we don’t even know about because we CAN’T know about them, they are just unable to attend college or a trade school. There as many reasons as there are stars in the sky (probably) as to why not everyone goes to college. Sure, in a perfect world, everyone one. But not everyone can or will. There HAVE to be jobs out there for them too, in order for them to be independent financially.

It is my belief that if you work 40+ hrs every week at your job, whatever that is, you should be able to afford at least basic housing and some kind of car to get you to/from work since public transportation isn’t a thing everywhere (yet. It’s not a thing everywhere YET.). You have to be able to afford food, clothes, health insurance and car insurance. Right now, with minimum wage what it is, you can’t do that. Assuming that everyone who works a minimum wage job is on food stamps/government assistance is asinine and classist, actually. That’s what pissed me off the most, I think. That this person assumes that everybody who works minimum wage is a whiner and on assistance. We’re not.

Whether or not the “purpose” of a minimum wage job is to be a lifelong career or not is not the issue here. The issue is that if you pay somebody minimum wage, they’re going to have to have at least one full time and one part time job (or several part time jobs even) just in order to be able to afford the most basic necessities.

Shouldn’t we want more than that for people? Or is the “American Dream” just for the middle class?

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