October workout goals: Athena’s Playbook by Darebee



I’m on Day 8 now and it seriously kicked my booty today. The first week of workouts wasn’t too bad and I’ve made a decision to skip every 7th one (so no workouts on Sunday) to give my body a rest. Since I consider myself an advanced beginner, I’ll only be doing 3 sets of each exercise because I’m pretty sure that’s all my body can handle at this point.  I’ve also made the decision to substitute step jacks  any time there are jumping jacks because (like pretty much every woman who’s ever had a kid ever) I have er..slight bladder issues when I jump. I also really, REALLY hate burpees, but I’m going to keep doing them whenever indicated just because I want to push myself.

I’m hoping by the end of the month that I’ve gotten a little stronger and a little more toned. I’m going to also continue walking or running at least 3 miles about three or four times a week.

I’m not giving up on myself this time. I’m going to push through even if it kills me.

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